Custom Field Management: Introduction

Groundhogg uses metadata to store various information about contacts and in the past, all the user-specific metadata was stored under the general section. 

To organize all the user data nicely, Groundhogg provides an advanced custom meta field extension. Using this extension you can create custom tabs as well as sections under contact details.

You can download Groundhogg's Advance Meta field extension from the website or as part of the basic plan (or above).

Creating Custom Fields

Once you enable the extension you will be able to see a new button in the contact area. If clicked, you will be able to see the page where you can add a custom field.   

You can create a new field by entering the name and clicking the Add New Tab button. 

Defining Tab Fields 

Once you successfully created the tab it will open a section where you can define the name of the section along with fields contained. 

This section is also used to define field type which will be used to contain data while displaying them.

Tab settings

Groundhogg provides functionality to display tabs based on the tags. You can filter which tabs you want to show for each contact record by selecting one or more tags. You can do this in the Setting area of the tab.

Manage Data 

Once you successfully configured all the settings you will be able to see the new tab inside your contact area. You can manage data by updating the value and clicking on the save changes button at the bottom.

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