AWS Integration: How to set up AWS Cron for better performance

You can set up something we can AWS Cron to improve the overall speed and performance of your site.

First, navigate to Groundhogg > AWS (SES & SNS) > Advanced Setup in your WordPress site.

Once there click the button that reads Install Automatically!

After you have installed the aws-cron.php file it should read "aws-cron.php is installed" above the button. If that is not showing then something went wrong and you will have to install it manually.

Once you have confirmed that the file was installed, you must copy the CRON URL at the bottom of the screen. It should read like...

You will have to create a separate cronjob for this file because it is different than the one you configured for WordPress which is wp-cron.php

You can follow this guide to create a new cronjob, but use the new URL provided instead of the wp-cron.php URL.

You want to have BOTH of these active at the same time..

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