Tutorials: Contacts dropped from funnel

If you have any contacts that seemed to have been dropped from the funnel, where they complete a step, aren’t waiting on any steps, and haven’t continued in the funnel then there is a solution.

For example, this contact got sent a WhatsApp message but isn’t waiting for any step (in the funnel) that is next.

Screenshot of a action in the contact activity, with the funnel name and date reacted

Our development team have found and patched an issue with our event queue which caused this issue. You shouldn’t have this issue going forward.

The best way to get contacts to be re-added to the funnel is to use the Cleanup button in the logs. If that doesn't put all the contacts back then you can follow the steps below or create a support ticket.

In the logs, a red highlight is around the cleanup button

Going into the report of the funnel, going down to the activity where you can see all the steps.

A report of the funnel with a bunch of different steps

Then on the step that you know those contacts have completed, click on the number of completed. This will show a search of those contacts, you then want to turn on the Show exclude filters.

A search that has the show exclude filters enabled, and currently only has one search in the includes

You want to add into exclude, the step afterwards (the one that the contact should have completed). This is done by going into funnel history, selecting the relevant funnel, then selecting the step.

A search with one search in the include and one in the exclude. The show exclude filters is turned on

You will then want to show contacts. If you have more than 0 contacts listed you can click on more actions, add _ contacts to a funnel. There will select the relevant funnel and the step that is in exclude.

A popup that asks you which funnel and step you want to add the contacts to

The contact will then continue on in the funnel as they should.

If you notice this has happened with multiple steps then you will need to do it multiple times (starting by changing include & exclude).

We always encourage you to keep Groundhogg updated to the most recent version.

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