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  • Database Issues

    If you are experiencing database issues then it's most likely a result of the Databases not being installed properly during activation. You can manually re-install them from the tools section if this

  • Introduction to Backup

    Did you ever think, Your life will be so much easier if you migrate one groundhogg site data to others which includes all the emails, all the funnels, tags etc? If this question is bugging you then

  • Use Replacement Codes

    Once you have successfully added a replacement code inside the database you will be able to view all the newly added replacement code in the replace code section. You can copy the code name from this

  • groundhogg/{object_type}/pre_update

    This hook is one of the core hooks of groundhogg. This hook is executed before the update operation in the database. This hook accepts object type in it so it will run for that specific object only.

  • Contact - Deleting Contact

    You can remove existing contact form Groundhogg's contact database by making a DELETE HTTP request along with valid headers. it requires the id_or_email parameter as an argument. you can pass the id

  • Contact - Listing Contact

    Groundhogg provides the /contacts/ endpoint. The contacts endpoint allows users to query the contact table inside the database and let you perform operations on contacts. This endpoint supports GET,

  • Tags - Listing and Searching Tags

    Groundhogg provides the /tags/ endpoint. The tags endpoint allows users to query the tags table inside the database and lets you perform operations on tags. This endpoint supports GET, POST, PUT,

  • Introduction to field mapping

    The field mapping API allows you to map fields between your product and ours very quickly and generate or update contact records without touching the DB. To retrieve all the fields which can be

  • Creating Custom Action

    Actions play a vital role in automated funnels. Actions are executed after any benchmarks are completed by contact and perform a series of steps on the server-side to move forward with an automated

  • Creating Custom Benchmark

    Groundhogg provides an extensive set of Benchmarks to listen for special website events that launch automated workflows in the funnel builder. But sometimes you need to do something a little special.