Preventing Spam in Web Forms with Google reCaptcha

If you are experiencing a lot of spam coming through your web forms you can use Google reCaptcha to prevent bots from spamming your forms.

How to Setup Google reCaptcha

1. Get your reCaptcha keys

Create reCaptcha keys in the Google reCaptcha console.

2. Set Up Your Keys in Groundhogg

Copy and paste your keys into the relevant fields in the Groundhogg settings page. Go to Settings > Integrations.

In Groundhogg there are a number of settings related to reCaptcha that you can set.

Let's start with which reCaptcha version should you go with? At the time of writing there are two reCaptcha versions, v2 and v3

v2 has a familiar to many "I'm not a robot" challenge, which requires the person to click a checkbox that checks if they are a robot or not. Which will either pass the person right away or challenge them to complete a captcha.

v2 also has the invisible badge which will check to see if the person is robot only when the submit button is clicked. Only the visitors who are the most suspicious will be required to complete a captcha.

v3 doesn't require the suspicious people to complete any sort of captcha as it verify's if an interaction is legitimate (or not). It returns a score which you can change in Groundhogg.

Using v3? What's the score threshold you want?

v3 of reCaptcha returns a score between 0.0 and 1.0, and by default Groundhogg only actually submits the form if the score is higher than 0.5.

You may be wondering what score you should set, we advise you to stay with 0.5 to start, and if your potential customers are complaining about not being able to submit the form then lower the score. 

It may require some changing but once you get the right score, or choose the right reCaptcha for you then it will result in less spam.

Make sure to hit Save Changes at the bottom of the page before moving on to the next step.

4. Add reCaptcha to Your Form

Add the reCaptcha field to your form By sliding the "Enabled" switch to yes in the form builder.

Add the reCaptcha field to your legacy form in the form builder.

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