Tutorials: How to setup a lead magnet download funnel in 7 steps

A Lead Magnet is a great way to turn cold traffic into warm traffic (traffic that spends money). By providing value ahead of asking for a deep commitment, you take the first step in the customer relationship.

This funnel will allow you to:

  • Set up an opt-in form.
  • Double opt-in a contact's email address.
  • Deliver the lead magnet via email.
  • Followup once the contact downloads the lead magnet.

1. Create your funnel.

You are going to need to create a funnel. We make this process easy by having a template ready for you to install.

  • Go to Groundhogg > Funnels > Add New
  • Select the Lead Magnet Download Funnel.

2. Rename your funnel.

Give your funnel a new name related to the lead magnet you are giving away.

3. Add your lead magnet.

Upload your download to the WordPress media folder.

Copy the link to the file.

Paste the link in the link click benchmark near the bottom of the funnel.

4. Add the download link to your emails.

Copy the link from the link click benchmark.

Open the email titled Send Lead Magnet. Repeat this following process for the email titled Send it again.

Add the download link to the email.

5. Edit your email copy.

Go through all the emails in the funnel and edit the copy to reflect your message and lead magnet.

Make sure all your emails are set to ready once you have edited them all.

6. Embed your opt-in form.

At the top of the funnel open the Web Form benchmark. Copy the shortcode.

Past the shortcode on a page, in a sidebar, or wherever you want to allow people to opt-in.

7. Activate your funnel!

Switch your funnel to active and click update!

All Done!

Your funnel is now setup. Start sending traffic to it and start delivering your lead magnet!

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