How to Remain Compliant with CASL

CASL, a.k.a the Canadian anti-spam legislation, is a Canadian legislation aimed at reducing the amount of spam in Canadian inboxes. Non-compliant businesses may be subject to fines from the CRTC (Canadian Radio-Television and Telecommunications Commission) in excess of a million dollars.

Disclaimer: We are not lawyers, we are marketers & developers. You should always consult your lawyer before making decisions with legal implications. We will not be held responsible for any violations levied against you as a result of implementing strategies in this article or use of the compliance tools provided by the Groundhogg WordPress plugin. 

Rules of CASL

  • Your business address and phone number must be present in the footer of every marketing & transnational emails sent on behalf of your company.
  • A clearly labelled unsubscribe link must be in the footer of every email.
  • You must honour any unsubscribe requests across all your marketing en-devours.
  • Subject lines must not be misleading, and information contained in emails must also not be misleading.
  • All emails must be confirmed before they can receive marketing.

Enable CASL Features

There are two options you must configure.

  • Only send to confirmed email addresses - this option will prevent Groundhogg from sending emails to contacts that may not have opted in and confirmed their email address.
  • Email confirmation grace period - this will allow for a period of days to pass so that a contact may receive emails BEFORE they confirm their email address.

Email Confirmation Flow

Part of CASL is asking contacts to confirm their email address. You should start all your funnels by asking contacts to confirm their email address.

In your confirmation email be sure to add your confirmation link!

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