Where Do I Submit A Support Ticket?

Need technical support from the Groundhogg team? Open a support ticket and we'll help you resolve your answer ASAP.

Premium Support access requires an active support license or premium plan.

Open a ticket on your affected site

You can submit a support ticket through your affected website using the Groundhogg Troubleshooter. This is the recommended method.

Go to Groundhogg > Help

You'll now have the option to start the troubleshooter.

You'll be given a list of problems that Groundhogg has identified that may be the cause of your issue. Before contacting support, we recommend resolving each of the listed potential issues to see if your issue is resolved.

If you don't see an issue you believe is related to your issue, or you've resolved all potential issues and you are still experiencing problems, click "I have a different issue"

Then follow the prompts to submit the specific details of your question.

You will be prompted to provide administrative access to your site. We recommend doing this so that we can resolve your issue faster. It is safe and secure. Access is only temporary and can be removed as soon as your issue is resolved.

Open a ticket on Groundhogg.io

You can request support directly on our site in the support center.

When opening a ticket you must provide:

You can also access the help center from the main menu

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