Saved Searches

If you regularly search for contacts with specific search criteria, you can save yourself time by
saving the search criteria and reusing it later.

Saving a search

First, you will need to perform your search by filtering your contacts.

You then need to add a filter.

And know what you want to filter by.

For this example, we want to search for anyone with the first name of Thomas in our contacts.
We select the filter Contact, First Name, then equals Thomas.

We then click the check mark (✔️), and can add more to the search if we want. In
this example we aren’t going to.
We can either show the contacts (in our example it’s 1 contact) or we can Save Search

Give your search a name and then click Save.

Loading a search

To load a saved search, you click Load Saved Searches from beside the filter contacts.

Click that and your list of saved searches will appear, select it and Groundhogg will
automatically load your saved search criteria.

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