Introduction to Custom Meta

Custom meta (a.k.a custom fields) in Groundhogg allows you to store an unlimited amount of information about a contact. Using them effectively can allow you to do some really cool things and send super personalized content.

What is Custom Meta?

Custom Meta and Custom Fields are the same things. The only difference is the name. The term Meta comes from “Metadata.”

Where do I See Custom Meta?

You can add and view a contact’s custom information by looking under the More tab.

How do I Add Custom Meta?

You can add custom meta information in many different ways!

Click the [ + ] button across from the Meta title to add metadata.

Add it Automatically

You can add metadata automatically by using the "Edit Meta" action in the funnel builder.

Importing Custom Fields

When mapping your fields from a CSV while importing your contacts, you can choose to import additional fields into the metadata.

You can do this by selecting “Add as Custom Meta” from the field's dropdown menu.

Know PHP? Add it with Code

<code><?php   $contact = new \Groundhogg\Contact( '' ); $contact->add_meta( 'meta_data', 'My Meta Value' );  ?>
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