I can't download any of my exported contact files!

Are you having trouble downloading your contacts? 

User Role Permissions/Restrictions

The user who is trying to download the contact files must have permission to do so. By default, the administrator of the site or subsite has permission to download files. But what happens when you need to customize the role or you want to add capabilities? 

File permissions define who can read, write, and execute the files that make up your WordPress site. If these permissions are set incorrectly, unauthorized users and hackers could edit them, insert spam content, and inject malware. 

By default, all download files generated by the export options are only accessible from the backend and with specific permissions defined. 

How Do I Check What Permissions User Have?

There are several ways that you can check permissions. One of the easiest ways is to use a plugin that lets you easily see roles and permissions from the admin panel like User Role Editor.

If you have checked that the user role trying to download the files has the  download_files permissions file checked and find that it is indeed activated there is a way to still allow that user to download the file.

Setting Permission to Download File - When All Else Fails

Navigate to the settings tab of your Groundhogg installation.

Select the Settings Option.

Select the Misc Tab.

Make sure the highlighted button below is checked.

You can now navigate to the Tools option in Groundhogg.

Select the Export tab.

You can now download the contact export files to your computer.

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