How to add multiple outgoing STMP services

If you are sending a high volume of email, you may want to differentiate the service you use for Transactional email and Marketing email.


Don't know the difference between transactional and marketing email?

Transactional Email

Is the email you send which does not have a marketing purpose, but rather a fulfillment one? Examples of transactional email include:

  • Order confirmations
  • Password reset requests
  • Appointment reminders

Marketing Email

Is any email you send which has the intent to promote a product or service, and does not serve any fulfillment purpose? Examples of marketing emails include:

  • Cart recovery emails
  • Onboarding emails
  • Webinar promotion emails

Should I use multiple SMTP services?

If you're wondering if you should sperate out SMTP services for the two kinds of email know that it really depends on volume.

If you are sending less than 10,000 emails per month in combined transactional/marketing then it's very much not worth it.

But if you are sending 10,000+ marketing emails per month, then it may be worthwhile to separate out the services.

Why should I use different services?

You can use different services to ensure that the deliverability of critical transactional fulfillment focused email is not impacted by underperforming marketing email if you run into deliverability issues.

This essentially provides a safety net, so if your promotional emails end up in spam, your transactional ones don't.

How do I set up multiple SMTP services in Groundhogg?

In order to set up multiple SMTP services in Groundhogg, you will need the Pro plan or at least one of Groundhogg's dedicated email integrations.

After installing and configuring any of these services, you will be able to select which service to use for transactional and marketing email in the Email settings of Groundhogg.

If you'd like to use a third party SMTP plugin for one of those services, like MailHawk, you may select WordPress Default from the dropdown.

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