What Is Transactional Email

You should not use transactional type email for all your emails, this can land you in legal trouble with your local authorities.

When you send an email using a funnel or one-off email you can change the message type to transactional. But what is transactional email, and should you use it?

Usually transactional emails are automated and are related to account activity or a commercial transaction, which means they usually take place when something specific happens.

There are many examples of transactional emails, like:

  • Account alerts (account creation, new login from a new device, request for new password, details like credit card or phone number changed on file)
  • Email address confirmation (if you create an account somewhere then an email is sent to confirm that the email address belongs to you)
  • Notification about event (product purchased, product shipping update, free access about to expire)
  • Purchase receipt (if you buy something then get emailed a receipt)

Why should you use transactional email?

Transactional emails have a better chance of getting past the spam filter, so if you need your customer to know about this thing then you may want to consider having it as a transactional email.

These types of emails should be sent quickly after the event happens, in your funnel set the time delay to a couple of minutes at most.

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