Why are my contacts "unconfirmed?"

The Groundhogg email confirmation system exists to protect senders and recipients alike. Legislation surrounding privacy and data usage is becoming increasingly common, and more complex to navigate on a daily basis, so you can trust us to make sure feature exists to keep you and your customers safe!

What is a confirmed email address?

A confirmed email address is someone who has double-opted into your marketing system by explicitly clicking a link or button which makes it clear that they are giving consent to you to send them more emails.

Not all regions or governments require you to implement a double opt-in system, so it is optional to ask customers to confirm their email addresses.

What is an unconfirmed email address?

An unconfirmed email address is someone who has not yet provided explicit consent through double-opt-in email confirmation. Anyone on your list that has NOT provided consent is considered unconfirmed.

What qualifies for explicit consent?

The following qualifies as explicit consent.

  • Clicking a double-opt-in link or button in an email
  • An admin manually changes the option status within the CRM

What does NOT qualify as explicit consent?

The following does not qualify for a confirmed email address because they are not an indication of explicit consent.

  • Having a registered user account. Creating an account does not require email confirmation
  • Signing up through a form
  • Purchasing a product
  • Etc...

All of the above methods are considered implied consent. Contacts with implied consent are still marketable.

Can I still send emails to unconfirmed contacts?

Yes, you can.

If you do not have "Only send to confirmed emails" enabled in the compliance settings, then all your unconfirmed contacts will receive your email.

And even if you do have it enabled, you can set a grace period in days for how long you want to send them emails before stopping if they haven't given explicit consent.

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