Replacement Code: {date}

The date replacement code is a handy one that allows you to reformat any date into a nice presentable string.

The syntax is the date format followed by a string representation of the date compatible with the strtotime PHP function, separated by the | character.


Here are some usage examples if the replacement code was used on the first of January 2021.

{date.Y-m-d|today} 👉 2021-01-01
{date.m-d-Y|tomorrow} 👉 01-02-2021
{date.F jS, Y|next month} 👉 February 1st, 2021
{date.l|now} 👉 Day of the week(Monday, Tuesday, Wednesday, THursday, Friday, Saturday, Sunday) 

You can use nested replacement codes to reformat a date in a custom field into the desired format.

 {date.F jS, Y|{_custom_date_field}}
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