Make Replacement Code link look pretty

If you don’t want the full replacement code link to appear in your email you can include it as a link anywhere in your email. Here’s how to do this:

When you have your email open (and are editing it), add in what you want the reader to see (in this case, Confirm My Email Address).

A couple of lines of text inside of a email

Then select all of it, and click on the 🔗 (link) icon , there you can put in a link but in this case, we are putting in the replacement code (in our case it’s {confirmation_link_raw} ). Make sure to hit enter, or the blue button on the right after putting the replacement code in.

Two lines in a email, one is a link that we just added a replacement code to.

You can click on that link to see the replacement code in there. Hitting save, you can then send out the email.

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