Replacement Code: {auto_login}

The Auto Login replacement code can be used to add a link that will automatically log in to the contact if they have a user account.


To change the login link add dot URL


Click tracking is required for the auto login link to function correctly. This setting can be found at Groundhogg > Settings > Email and must be unchecked.

*This replacement code uses a secure one-time use token for security.

However, you may have a client who would like to allow clients to revisit without encountering a login page.

Here are some alternatives.

  1. Use a plugin to offer OTP(One-Time Password), instead of having to remember passwords.
  2. Add a code snippet to your site to extend the login cookie expiration.
  3. Make it clear in your emails that the login link is single-use, and where they can request a new one.
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