Action: Create User

If you would like to have the funnel create a user

What you want to do is add  Create User to the funnel, by dragging it from the right-hand side over to the list of steps. You can put it anywhere in the funnel.

Select the Create User action, you will be presented with some setting options. 

  • User Role: - Select the role
  • Username Format: - Select the format of the username(Email Address, First + Last, Last + First, Custom Format)
  • Send new user notification?: - Check to send a notification to a rnewly created user.
  • What if the user already exists?: - Select an action(Do nothing, Set the role to, Add as an additional role) based on if the user already exists.

Make sure to hit save after completing the settings. 

NOTE: The "Create User" action prevents Users with the capability: edit_contacts from being edited. Modifying user roles without caution poses security concerns. To avoid potential issues, such as accidentally demoting the administrator, Groundhogg restricts this process to prevent any unintended consequences.

Extension Required!

The Create User Action is available with the Advance Features addon. Groundhogg - Advanced Features installed. It can be purchased separately or as part of the Agency, Pro or Plus Plans.

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