How Do I Export My List?

We understand that you may not want to use Groundhogg anymore, or want to have a backup of your list. We have made multiple ways to export the lists that you want.

From the Contacts Screen

To export your contacts here, search for your desired contacts to export. You can also export your entire contacts list.

Next to the bulk action, beside the apply, there is a drop down for more actions. One of those actions is to  export your desired list.

The page will redirect to the tools export, where you can select what contact or custom meta information you want exported. You can select as much or as little as you want 

Groundhogg will also ask you what you want the headers of each column to say, the choices are pretty names (First Name, as an example) or field ids (first_name). If you are exporting this to use in another website then field ids are best to select. If you are exporting this for your own reading, or to have a backup of then pretty names is best to select.

Then click export contacts. Groundhog will process through all your contacts, which can vary in length based on how many contacts you have. Once it’s done it will direct you to the Contact of Groundhogg where there is now an option to download the export.

From the Tools screen

Navigate to Groundhogg > Tools > Export, then click on Export All Contacts to complete the second last step in the Contacts screen. You will then be able to download the export file, just like the last step in the Contacts screen.

To see your list of previous exports and download them again, navigate to Groundhogg > Tools > Export and you will see a list of your previous exported with the dates so you can select the export you want to export or delete.

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