How to Sync Users With Contacts

For security reasons Groundhogg only provides one way sync. This means that the best way to update a WordPress user (and ensure it's seen in the Groundhogg contact record) is to update it in the WordPress user profile. If you want real time updates to the Groundhogg contact record then ensure Sync User Meta is turned on (in the Groundhogg general settings).

If you are implementing Groundhogg into an existing site, you may want to create contact records for your existing users on the site. 

For example, if you had a WooCommerce store and users, as a result, you would want to convert those users into contacts.

Sync existing users with Groundhogg

To sync your user list with your contact list go to Groundhogg > Tools > Sync Users & Contacts.

You can optionally choose to sync the user meta with the contact meta as well. This will take a bit longer.

Sync new users with Groundhogg

All new user registrations will automatically be added as contacts, so nothing to do there.

Sync user updates to Groundhogg

Basic changes like updating the email and first/last name are also automatically saved, however not ALL user data is updated to the contact record.

You can enable complete 1-way sync of User to Contact by enabling the Sync User Meta option in the Groundhogg general settings.

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