Why Are My Emails Not Sending?

There can be various reasons why your emails are not sending. Listed below are some of the most common problems and how to solve them.

Did you set up your Cron job?

Email in Groundhogg is sent based on something called an event queue. This event queue is what schedules emails for delivery at certain times. To make sure the emails are sent, the queue needs to process frequently. This requires something called a CRON job.

Set up your cron job:

Is your email in Draft Mode?

Double-check to ensure your email is marked as Ready. Emails in draft mode cannot be sent.

Did you check for sending errors?

Groundhogg keeps a log of every email that goes out. If there was an error, it may be easily visible in the log. Go to Admin > Groundhogg > Events and click on the failed view to see if there are any errors.

Do you have an SMTP service?

We highly recommend that you use an SMTP service like MailHawk or AWS to send your email from your site. This is to ensure they actually make it to the inbox.

Did you check your spam folder?

It's an obvious one, but sometimes even our own email ends up in spam. Make sure you check there for your email first. MailTrap has a detailed article on how to lessen your chance of your email ending up in spam.

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