Social Proof: Introduction

Social Proof is one of the easiest ways to increase conversion rates on your lead capture pages. Groundhogg provides a Social Proof extension that displays actions done by the previous users. 

Groundhogg proofs are easy to build and integrate with your website and also support mobile devices.

You can download the Groundhogg Social Proof from Groundhogg website or as part of the plus plan or above and install it on your website. 

Once you successfully integrated Social Proof you will be able to see a new menu under Groundhogg tab.

Create proof

Groundhogg proofs have a setup page. Users need to enter details like the name of the proof, status, page URL on which you want to display it on and associated benchmarks.

Users can also manage the settings of the proof. They can create a custom message that they want to display coupled with a time range and Interval time between two pop-ups.

Manage proofs

The proof page provides the functionality to add a new proof and manage an existing one. 

By clicking on the proof name users can access the edit screen of the specific proof. Using the proof screen users can delete an existing proof by selecting an individual or by performing bulk actions.

When entering your "Display On", enter only the pathname. The domain name is not needed. 

  • To display on all pages of the domain use /$
  • To display on the front page only ^/$ 

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