ThriveCart Integration: Introduction

The ThriveCart integration allows you to listen for requests from ThriveCart to start automation in Groundhogg! You will need the ThriveCart Groundhogg extension or need to have the pro plan (or above).

1. Set your ThriveCart Secret

Go to your ThriveCart settings and open the API & Webhooks area.

Click on the ThriveCart API Settings.

Copy the provided secret key.

Paste in the ThriveCart settings area in the Groundhogg settings.

2. Add the Groundhogg Webhook.

Make sure the ThriveCart extension is installed, then go to the funnel you want to use with ThriveCart and add the new ThriveCart benchmark.

Copy the provided Webhook in the benchmark settings.

Back to your ThriveCart settings area, open the API & Webhooks page and click on the settings for Webooks.

Copy and paste the provided URL and then save the webhook.

That’s it!

3. Starting Automation.

Choose one of the provided order events to trigger the ThriveCart Benchmark.

You can also specify a product ID to trigger the benchmark.

To get the product ID:

Go to your products and edit the product you need the ID of.

The product ID will be at the end of the URL in the URL bar of your browser.

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