Adding a tag on an action

One way to trigger custom events from other plugins in the funnel builder is to add a tag whenever an action is completed.

This acts as an alternative to creating a custom benchmark.

The Plugins API is what you hook into and doesn’t require a ton of custom development.


add_action( 'purchased_a_product', 'add_a_tag_when_purchasing', 10, 2 );

 * @param $customer Customer
 * @param $order Order
function add_a_tag_when_purchasing( $customer, $order )
	$tags_to_add = [ 'Purchased Product', 1, 17, 'other-tag' ]; // You can use any combination of text or tag Ids
	// There are several ways to retrieve a contact record at this point, choose the most relevant one.
	// Option A: Use the tracking cookie.
	$contact = \Groundhogg\Plugin::$instance->tracking->get_current_contact();
	if ( ! $contact ){
	$contact->apply_tag( $tags_to_add );
	// Option B: Create a new contact record, or retrieve data from passed variables
	$email = $customer->email;
	$first_name = $customer->first_name;
	$contact = new \Groundhogg\Contact( [   // This will retrieve any existing contact with the given email,
		'first_name' => $first_name,        // If none exists a new record will be created.
		'email' => $email
	] );
	$contact->apply_tag( $tags_to_add );
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