Caching Compatibility

If you have a caching plugin/system enabled on your site there are a few things you will need to do in order to ensure Groundhogg works properly.

Exclude Cookies

Sometimes caching systems will cache cookies.

You will need to exclude the following cookies from Groundhogg.


Exclude REST API

Groundhogg uses the REST API for many things, and it will use it even more in the 3.0, so it is important to ensure that results from the API are not cached.

The route which must be excluded is:


Exclude The Managed Page

Groundhogg uses something called the “Managed Page” to show contact areas of Groundhogg that can’t be edited.

These pages are managed in Groundhogg.

  • Email Preferences page
  • Unsubscribed page
  • Email confirmed paged
  • Email browser view
  • Hosted form page
  • Tracking links

And need to be excluded as they use dynamic content to show personal information to your contacts.

Most caching systems have an option to EXCLUDE a URL. Groundhogg uses a specific URL structure for the managed pages, so you only have to exclude one rule.*
See below how to exclude the managed page for your caching plugin.


Exclude the following URL in WP-Rocket

Comet Cache

Exclude the following in CometCache


W3 Total Cache

Exclude the following in W3


SG Optimizer

Using SiteGround? Exclude the following.


LiteSpeed Cache

Go to your LiteSpeed settings, find the excludes tab and add the following.

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