Opt-in Status Definitions

New to compliance and the idea of an opt-in status? Here are some definitions to get you up to speed.


When a contact is unconfirmed it means that they have opted into Groundhogg but has not confirmed their email address via the double confirmation link.

Unconfirmed contacts can receive marketing depending on your level of compliance.


A confirmed contact is someone that has confirmed their email address by clicking the double confirmation link.

These contacts can receive marketing unless they withdraw consent.


Contacts marked as Weekly will be able to receive marketing at most once per week.


Contacts marked as Monthly will be able to receive marketing at most once per month.


A contact becomes unsubscribed in the event they unsubscribe via a link in an email.

Unsubscribed contacts cannot receive marketing.


Contacts marked as spam cannot receive marketing. You must manually mark a contact as spam.


If you have bounce checking enabled any bounced email addresses will be marked as bounced. They will not continue to receive marketing.


A contact is marked as complained if the contact marks the email as SPAM in their email client. Currently, this is only supported if you use the AWS integration to send email.

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