How to Connect Elementor to Groundhogg

Elementor is a popular page builder plugin for WordPress which makes it easier to build beautiful pages.

The Elementor PRO version of the plugin comes equipped with a form builder that you may use in place of the regular form builder.

If you'd rather use the Elementor Form Builder then here is how you can connect it to Groundhogg.

We will assume you've already created your form. IF you want to learn how to create a form, please visit this article.

Select the Groundhogg Submit Action

Under "Actions After Submit" select the Groundhogg Integration.

Select Tags to Add

Open the Groundhogg action and select the tags you would like to add to the contact once it is created.

Map Your Fields

Once you've added some tags, the field mapping option will be revealed, this is where you will be able to map fields in your form to contact record fields in Groundhogg.

Starting A Funnel

Once you've successfully connected your Elementor form, you will need to use the Tag Applied Benchmark to start a funnel. Not the Web Form benchmark.

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