ZeroBounce: Introduction

Delivering emails inside the client's primary inbox is a hard task as it relies upon various elements, including maintaining a good server reputation and you can use ZeroBounce to help you.

ZeroBounce is an email validation service that is committed to e-mail bounce detection, email abuse, and spam trap detection. It is used to increase the deliverability rates of your emails.

To maintain your server reputation it is important to send good quality emails to your client and keep your bounce rate as low as possible. To reduce the chances of bounced emails, Groundhogg provides double opt-in forms and email statuses based on a user's preferences for emails. 

To make it more secure, Groundhogg introduces the ZeroBounce extension which you can purchase as a separate extension or part of the pro plan (or above).

Getting started

Once you have successfully installed this extension you will be able to validate emails using ZeroBounce API. But before you start validating you need to enter your ZeroBounce API key in the Groundhogg settings area. 
Once your API key is set you can click Test Connection to make sure the ZeroBounce is connected.
Then select which of the invalid email statuses should impact the marketability of your contacts. The selected statuses will make your contacts unmarketable, meaning they will not receive promotional emails (they will still receive transactional emails).

Validating Email Addresses

Email addresses will be automatically validated as contacts are added, so over time, your entire list will be validated.

Groundhogg will only validate Unconfirmed email addresses. All the other statuses require some kind of confirmation either by the contact or by the admin, so validating them is redundant.

If you want to re-validate your list, go to Tools > Misc and click Re-validate and that will force validate your whole list, even if the email had been previously revalidated.

Validation Report

At any time you can view the email Validation Report to see how the validation affected your list, and make any manual adjustments if you need to.

Fixing False Positives

Sometimes ZeroBounce gets it wrong. You can manually override the ZeroBounce status for a contact in their profile. To change the status, select Valid and then save the changes.

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