Companies: Introduction

The Companies addon provides an organizational framework for associating multiple contacts to one or more company records within the CRM.

From a company record, you can see all associated contact records as well as detailed information about a company.

All features

  • Create and manage company records and custom fields
  • Store notes and files related to companies
  • Associate multiple contacts to one or more companies.
  • Manage contacts associated with companies

Creating company records

There are several ways company records can be created.

Manually create company records

To manually create company records, go to the companies page and click Add New, and then fill out the company's information.

Import companies

You can import any existing company records you have from the companies page. Simply upload a CSV file of companies and map the columns to the company fields.

The field mapping also supports any custom fields you may have created for company records as well.

Automatically creating companies

Company records are automatically created when the Company Name field (under the Work Details section) in a contact record is set with a name that is not already present in the CRM.

If the company name already exists, then the Contact will be linked to the existing company record instead.

Linking contacts to companies

There are a few ways that contacts can be linked to company records.

Manually linking a contact to a company

You can manually link a contact to a company record by going to the company record and clicking the Plus icon to either select an existing contact record from the CRM, or create a new one.

Automatically linking contacts to companies

Contacts can be automatically linked to a company record in the following situations:

  • The root domain of a contact's email address matches an existing Hostname (of the website field) of an existing company record.
  • A contact's Company Name field matches an existing company's name field.
  • A contact's Company Website field matches an existing company's website field.

When any of these fields are updated the CRM will check to see if they match an existing company record and if so link the contact to that company.

In the case of the Company Name field, if a company does not exist, a new company record will be created and the contact will be linked to it.

*If the Contact is using a free inbox provider, Groundhogg excludes them from company domain mapping. We maintain a list of over 3700+ free inbox providers

Seeing associated companies in the contact record

You can see a contact's associated companies in the Companies info box on the right of the contact record. You can expand any of the companies to see additional information.

Removing Contact from Company

  1. Visit Dashboard > Groundhogg > Companies
  2. Click "Edit" on the Company
  3. Click the verticle ellipse(three dots) next to the contact
  4. Choose "Remove from company"
  5. Are you sure you want to remove {Contact Name} from GroundHogg? [ Remove ]

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