Introduction to Companies

Groundhogg companies provide a solution for customers who prefer doing business with companies instead of individuals. Groundhogg companies used to store information about the companies. Groundhogg companies focus on the CRM part of the Groundhogg.

You can download and install groundhogg companies plugin form the groundhogg official website and install that on your website.

Companies plugin creates a new tab under Groundhogg. From this tab, you can create new companies and add contacts inside companies. This section also provides functionality to edit details about companies like company name, address, URL and custom notes. The edit page also displays the associated contacts.

Groundhogg also provides functionality to Sync companies form contact data. To sync companies, you need to go to Groundhogg>Tools>Companies and click on the Sync Companies button to sync existing company details with the contact.

You can add a contact in the companies by using three different methods. 

  1. By selecting companies in the contact area.
  2. By adding Company name in the contact company detail.
  3. Form the company edit page using the contact dropdown.

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