Lead Scoring: Introduction

Lead scoring is one of the most effective ways to find your most likely “ready to buy” customers. The largest organizations in the world use lead scoring to determine when it's the right time to send you a promotion, exclusive offer or to upsell you to a better product.

Usually, lead scoring comes bundled with the world’s priciest software packages. But now you can use our cost-effective and easy-to-set-up system to help you determine your ready buyers in just a few minutes. 

You can download the lead scoring plugin from Groundhogg's official website or get it as part of the plus plan (or above).

Once you successfully integrate the Lead Scoring, you will be able to see new menus under the Groundhogg tab named Lead Score.

This addon also contains its own rules and levels that allow you to get the most out of Groundhogg.

All features:

Add a new rule

You can create a new rule by going to Groundhogg > Lead Score > Rules then click on Add Rule at the top.

Once clicked it will ask you for what you want the rule name to be, you need to give it a name then click create rule.

You will then get to set if the rule is on or off, the criteria, what score is added or subtracted, then save changes.

Let’s say for example we want everyone whose country is the United States to get an additional 15 points. You would set the criteria to be country equal to United States, then add 15 points.

Then you want to save changes, which will keep open the rule you are working on if you want to edit anything else.

If you want to turn on the rule then set enabled to on and save changes.

If you are done editing the rule you click the x at the top right to close the rule and it will bring you back to all the rules.

Add a new level

If a contact reaches a certain level then a tag can automatically be applied to them. You can go Groundhogg > Lead Score > Levels to see all the levels you have. You can add a level by clicking add level at the top.

You will have to give the level a name, then click create level, which is very similar to adding a rule. 

You will then get to choose how many points are required before the tag is applied, you can pick any whole number between 0 and 100. Then you get to choose the tag that is applied. Then hit save changes.

The changes will be saved, and the pop-up will still be there so you can continue to make changes if you want. If you are done you can close it with the x at the top right. You will then see all of the levels.

Edit a rule

If you want to edit a rule you can do so at any time. Going to Groundhogg > Lead Score > Rules, then underneath the rule you want to edit, click the edit button.

You then get the same pop-up as if you were creating the rule. Edit it however you want, then click save changes, and finally close it with the x.

Edit a level

The way to do this is very similar to editing a rule (include a link to the section), except instead of going into rules you go into levels.

Turn off a rule

If you don’t want a rule to run right now, but you want to keep it to use in the future you can turn it off. In the list of all the rules, beside each one there is a status which you can turn on or off. Switch a rule to off and it will stop running.

Delete a rule or level

You can delete a rule or level at any time in a similar way to editing a rule but instead of clicking the edit button, you click the delete button. Groundhogg will confirm you want to delete it, and once you confirm it will be deleted.

There is no way to recover it once you delete it, so be sure you actually want to delete it.

Reset the score of your contacts

Say you have made some big changes in your rules and you want all your contacts to reflect the changes. You can do that with the re-calculate lead score button in the rules.

Viewing the lead score value of the contact

If you want to know the lead score of any individual contact you can do that by opening up the contact.

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