Conditional Logic: Introduction

The Conditional Logic extension allows you to run or skip steps within a funnel depending on whether the contact meets certain criteria.

Groundhogg conditional logic runs based on the tags and custom metadata of the contact you can download the Conditional Logic plugin from the Groundhogg website

Conditional logic is included in the Pro plan (or above) by purchasing the extension.

Condition Logic

You can use conditional logic in any of the steps of the funnel. You can enable the logic statement by clicking the slider to on.

There are three actions that you can select if the condition is not met.

  1. Skip this step - will continue to the next step in the funnel
  2. Skip to another step - if you need to skip over multiple steps in the funnel
  3. Stop the funnel - stop at this step

Conditional Logic is checked before any steps have been enqueued.

You can also create multiple conditions for a single step and make decisions based on all conditions satisfied or one of them needs to be satisfied.

Conditional Logic Using Tags

There are two ways using which you can create a condition. Using tag and using the metadata of contact.

When you build a condition using the tag you need to select a tag type couple with config and tag name. you can select multiple tags here for a single condition.

Conditional Logic Using Metadata

You can also create the condition logic based on the value of the metadata. To create a condition using metadata you need to select the name of the field along with the expected value.

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