Appointment Notification

The Groundhogg Booking calendar sends a notification when a contact interacts with the appointments. There are two types of notifications.

  1. Contact Notification 
  2. Admin Notification

Contact Notification

Contact notifications are the notifications sent to the contacts when they first interact with the appointment.

Email Notification

The booking calendar contains an email notification section where users can send essential emails to their customers about their appointments.

The creation of a new calendar generates a stack of essential emails to send whenever any events get completed by the user. Users can manipulate these auto-generated emails using the email editor section of Groundhogg.

Whenever a new appointment is booked, reminders are generated based on the reminder settings of the calendar. If the user changes the settings of reminders the new settings will take effect for new appointments only.

SMS Notification

If you have Groundhogg SMS plugin available you can send SMS notifications to the contacts. Using this tab you can select the SMS you want to send based on the event recorded in the Booking Calendar.

Admin Notifications 

Admin notifications are the notifications sent to the calendar owner when contacts interact with the booking calendar appointments.

Users can send emails as well as SMS notification to the calendar owner using the Admin Notification tab in the Booking Calendar area.

While sending admin notifications, the user can select the specific event for which they want to send notifications.

SMS notification option will be displayed only if Groundhoog's SMS plugin is installed

When you send Admin notification, whether email or SMS, it will append the name of the event in the end in the notification area.

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