Advanced Email Preferences: Updating your optin forms

Important information regarding consent verification, optin-status, and GDPR compliance.

Groundhogg diligently strives to ensure that you have the tools needed to make sure your business communications do not violate any known compliance standards. Recently there have been requests to allow Groundhogg funnels to define what type of communications the contacts are agreeing to. 

In Release 2.3.3 (2021-02-04) two items were updated that helps improve your compliance rating and thereby your deliverability. Those are as follows. 

  • TWEAKED Split GDPR consent into Data Processing Consent and Marketing Consent for improved compliance.
  • TWEAKED Contacts can now manage their marketing and data processing consent on the profile page.

IMPORTANT: If you are using native Grounghogg forms in your funnel, this article does not pertain to your forms as these options are now included in the default requirements.  

If you are using any other form integration to collect contact emails you need to update the form to include a checkbox that specifically agrees to receive "marketing emails". This is particularly important if you are using the Ninja Integration as the contact will not be created if the consent checkbox is not checked. 

Demonstration using forminator:

Open your form editor and add a checkbox.

Make sure the option is yes - when checked.

Make sure to set the Consent Checkbox to required.

Field Types Shown

Open your funnel Builder and select the funnel which has the form to confirm your contact. 

Map your forms to Groundhogg fields

The field you are looking for is Marketing ConsentAfter Mapping Check box - save changes.

This will ensure that your contacts are registered correctly and that they will receive your emails. 

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