Tutorials: Creating Lead Distribution Funnels

Does your organization have more than one department or multiple salespeople? Would you like to be able to have more control over who your notification emails are going to? Try following this Lead Management tutorial.

Types of Lead Distribution:

  • Round Robin -  Taking an equivalent lead and distributing it among a number of sales managers you might have.
  • Department - Sending leads to specific departments in your business.

Understanding Groundhogg owner contact and user roles:

Owner System:

  • Contact owners are based on user roles that you setup.
    • Groundhogg adds several user roles on install.
      • Sales manager
      • Sales representative
        • This will give the user the ability to log into WordPress and see only their contacts.
        • Does not have a limit to the number of representatives you can have.
      • Marketer
        • What you would use to provide access to those managing funnels.
          • You can create new users.

Setting up a round-robin distribution 

In order to set up a round-robin funnel, you only need the FREE CORE plugin

  • Decide on your form
    • It can be any kind of form
  • Click on Add New under the Funnel Tab
  • Select a funnel template or start a new one (we are going to start from scratch for sake of this tutorial) 
    • Remember if you get lost there is a short tutorial to help you on your way - right there in the dashboard!
      • Click Add Step
        • Select Web Form

        • Select Add Step Again
          • This time you want to select the Actions tab and then select Apply Owner

            • Here you will put in all the contacts with one of the user roles Listed above
            • In order to notify all salespersons, you need to send out an admin email
              • Add step
              • Make sure to replace the Send to email with the replacement code 
                • {owner_email}
                • This replacement code sends to all emails in the apply owner box
            • Continue to build your funnels as you normally would.

Setting up a department distribution

Department distribution is when you have a single point form entry and the notification needs to go to particular people based on a condition that was selected within the form.

  • Requirements
  • You will need to make sure that your form has the correct field type to select the conditional logic
    • I used a radio button and created three options (It Support, Sales & Billing, Membership Inquiry)
      • Create an admin email for each choice in the form
        • Make sure that the SEND TO box has the correct email for that department
        • Enable the CONDITIONAL logic button on each email
          • There will be one condition listed already - and that needs to stay. It keeps the email form firing until a condition is met.
          • You then need to add the condition which will cause the query to be positive and the email sent.
        • You will need to do this for each department_type email.
      • Once these are in place you can continue to build your funnel.
      • It is important to understand that you can run any of the actions based on the meta condition.
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