Advanced Features: Introduction to field timer

What does the field timer do?

The field timer allows you to set a limit between actions (steps). It allows you to use a specific date that has been set in a custom field.

Wait at least: This option allows you to define when the next step is executed.

Options that can be chosen for the length of time

Options of before or after the date

Date Field: This field provides a drop-down so that you can choose which field with a date that you are testing against. This can be collected via a form or possible another plugin

And run: This field allows you to choose if the next step runs immediately or at a particular time - once all variables have been met.

If date has passed: This field lets you define what happens if this date has passed.

Enable conditional logic: This step allows you to select or set conditions to be met and how the funnel responds if the conditions are met or not met.

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