MemberPress: Integration with Groundhogg

The Groundhogg MemberPress integration (which is also included in the pro plan or above) allows you to do a lot of neat things that will help you communicate with your members better when using the MemberPress membership plugin. 

*MemberPress' Developers Tools Add-on is required for the search filters.

All features

  • Apply tags to contacts when they get access to a Membership.
  • Automatically remove membership tags when their membership expires or lapses.
  • Sync any existing active memberships with your Contacts.
  • Filter your contacts by Total Spent, Subscription Count, Transaction Count, Active Membership, and Membership Count
  • More coming soon…

Start a funnel when a new member signs up with specific membership.

One of the most useful features is simply being able to apply tags when someone purchases a membership. There is a new Meta Box on the side that will say Groundhogg Integration where you can select tags to apply when any person is given access to a membership.

You can select tags to apply when any person is given access to a membership. This can be done whenever someone receives access to the membership through purchase or putting through a manual order whether it's a subscription or a one-time transaction. 

There's a perfect two-way sync between MemberPress and Groundhogg so as long as this membership is active for the customer's account they'll have the tag and when it's not active they will have that tag removed from their Groundhogg profile. If for any reason the person does not renew their subscription, or you void it, or it's refunded, this tag will also automatically be removed.

1. Go to the Groundhogg Settings 

2. Open up our Misc Tab 

3. If you scroll down there is a MemberPress settings area you will see what is called the Active Member Tag 

Any of your members in MemberPress that have active subscriptions or active memberships of any kind will receive the active member tag. You can rename it or change it to a different tag. But essentially this is just a tag that every active member gets.

You can then use the Tag Applied benchmark to start a funnel and send any follow-up or onboarding emails.

Search Filters for MemberPress

You'll find in the contacts area with our new search filters feature we add a whole bunch of memory press filters for you to use and segment your contacts so you can send highly targeted and specific emails to those people. 

Let's say you wanted to just target anyone who has or who is currently active for that standard membership. 

Click on Contacts and you will see the Filter Contacts button.

For example, we can then select standard membership and that will show us the contacts that are on our list that currently have access to this membership.

With Groundhogg’s search filters, you can filter contacts by a number of MemberPress criteria including:

  • Active Memberships
  • Total Membership Count
  • Total Spent
  • Subscription count and status
  • Transaction count and status

Once you find the contacts on your list you can send them email broadcasts or add them to funnels.

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