How to implement cookie consent

You should consult your lawyer or other legal professional before making decisions with legal implications. We will not be held responsible for any violations levied against you as a result of implementing strategies in this article or use of the compliance tools provided by the Groundhogg WordPress plugin.

In version 2.5.4 of Groundhogg (which was made publicly available on September 27, 2021) there is support for cookie consent plugins. Which means if you use any cookie consent plugin (like CookieYes, Cookie Notice & Compliance for GDPR / CCPA, Complianz, GDPR CookieCompliance, Cookiebot) then you can add Groundhogg to the list of cookies that won’t be
placed until the user consents to it.

In order for this to work Groundhogg requires you to enable GDPR features, which can be found
in Groundhogg -> Settings -> Compliance

Once you have that enabled and have saved you will see a section within Compliance called

If you are using CookieYes then nothing needs to be changed as Groundhogg as built in
support, if you are using another cookie consent plugin then you will need to find out the name
of the cookie (and the value that is set when accepted) that it uses when the user accepts.
Sometimes these will be listed, or you may need to contact the support team of the plugin you
are using to ask for these.

Once you have that set, make sure to hit save changes at the bottom to make sure everything
is saved.

Now you have implemented cookie consent with a cookie consent plugin and Groundhogg.

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