Putting a YouTube Video Into a Email

If you want your subscribers to watch a YouTube video you may want to take the embed code of a YouTube video, create a HTML block, and paste that embed code. And while that would work on a website, it doesn’t work the best in email.

Because there are so many email accounts (like Gmail, Hotmail, and many more) and people read emails in many different ways it’s best to keep everything simple and try to avoid your email going into spam.

If you want to put a YouTube video into a email there are two good ways to do so:

Putting the link

You can include a link anywhere in the email, it could be a button, some words or the link on its own. For the best accessibility we would discourage you to include the words to click here.

Using an image and linking to the video

If you like having the subscriber seeing something then you can first include an image (you could use the thumbnail from the video) or you can include any other image you want. Then you can link to the YouTube video in the image. Then encourage the subscriber to click on the image to watch the video.

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