Twilio Integration: Getting started with WhatsApp

We are pleased to now offer an integration with the WhatsApp Business API via Twilio! This new integration allows limited 2-way communication with your customers via the popular chat app.

Getting started with WhatsApp

At this time, the WhatsApp Business API is in limited public access meaning that all businesses wishing to use it MUST go through the WhatsApp approval process.

Be aware, that the process is not for the faint of heart and requires access to several official business documents that require you to be an officially registered company.

Prerequisites for being approved for the Whatsapp Business API

  • Twilio account
  • Meta Business Manager Account (Previously Facebook)
  • Public Facebook Page (associated with your Meta Business Manager Account)
  • Be a registered business in your country

When you are ready to begin, go to your Twilio console > Senders > WhatsApp Senders to begin the registration process.

For more information on Getting started with WhatsApp, please see Twilio's official documentation.

WhatsApp limitations

There are limitations on how many messages can be sent, and what type of messages can be sent outgoing from Twilio to WhatsApp.

Rate Limiting

New WhatsApp integration will be subject to rate limiting. This limits the number of messages you can send per day to unique message recipients.

For example, new accounts are limited to 1,000 unique recipients per day. 

Your limit will automatically increase over time as you send more messages and your account remains in good standing with a "good quality" reputation.

For more information, see Twilio's official documentation.

Message Templates

When initiating a new conversation, you must use an approved message template. You can manage approved templates in your Twilio console.

The exception for using approved message templates is if the recipient replies, or initiates the conversation, in which case you can send anything.

For more information on templates, see Twilio's official documentation.

Configure WhatsApp for Groundhogg

Once you have been approved for using WhatsApp configuring Groundhogg is very straightforward.

Sending messages

Once you have selected a number to use for WhatsApp, you can enter the number in the WhatsApp field under the Twilio settings in Groundhogg.

Once this has been set, it will enable sending outgoing messages via WhatsApp!

Receiving messages

After the number in Groundhogg has been updated, a field with a URL will be shown underneath. Copy it.

Go to your WhatsApp sender in the Twilio console and edit it.

Place the URL copied from Groundhogg in the Webhook for Incoming Messages field and then save your changes.

When complete, this will enable automation based on replies as well as the WhatsApp optin flow.

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