White Label Branding: Shipping custom funnel and email templates

With the White Label Branding addon, you can ship custom funnel and email templates to your clients' sites!


Before you can start shipping your custom templates, you'll need...

  • An Agency or WaaS license.
  • A separate WordPress site to host your templates.
  • FTP access for the site hosting the custom templates.
  • The White Label addon is installed on a client site.

Configure the template site.

Ideally, the site where you'll be hosting your templates is not a production site used for any marketing activities. Its sole purpose should be to host your custom funnel and email templates.

On this site, install WordPress and Groundhogg. You don't need to change the theme.

Install any add-ons and integrations that include steps you want to add to your custom templates, like WooCommerce or LifterLMS.

Once you have everything installed, add the following line of code to your wp-config.php file.


This will allow READ requests from your clients' sites to fetch your custom templates.

Configure the client site.

Once your template site is configured, copy the root URL, including HTTPS—for example, https://templates.my-agency.com.

Login to the client site and go to the Groundhogg White Label settings, and paste the URL in the Template Directory field.

The client site will now fetch templates from your custom template directory site.

Create custom funnel templates.

To create custom templates that will appear on your clients' sites, create funnels on the template site as you would on any other.

  1. Go to Groundhogg > Funnels > Add New and select a standard template.
  2. Modify the template to the point it is ready to appear on your clients' sites. 
  3. You can also add a description by clicking on the funnel settings icon.
  4. Once it is ready, mark the funnel as  Active and save it.

Only Active funnels will appear to clients.

Your custom template will appear in the Funnels > Add New screen for your clients.

Create custom email templates.

To ship custom email templates, both the template site and the client site must use the Advanced Features addon and have the Advanced Email Editor enabled.

  1. On the template site, create a new email using one of the standard Pro templates. 
  2. Once it's ready for clients, enable the Save as template checkbox and save it.

Only emails with Save as template enabled will be shown to clients.

Templates will be shown in the Pro Templates tab when adding an email.

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