Action: Admin Notification

If you would like to have an email sent to Contact, Contact Owner, or Administrator as one of the steps in a funnel you can use the Admin Notification action

What you want to do, is add Admin Notification to the funnel, by dragging it from the right-hand side over to the list of steps. You can put it anywhere in the funnel after the benchmark.


An online cooking membership site is offering a signup for an upcoming sauces class and wants to be notified for each signup.

Select the Admin Notification action, you will be presented with some setting options. 

  • Send to...- Select one/any Contact, Contact Owner or Administrator
  • Reply to... - Select Contact's email, Contact Owner's email, or Custom Email
  • Subject line* - Create a subject
  • WYSIWYG Message area* -  Create a message, editor comes with several formatting options

*You can use Replacement Codes

Make sure to hit save after completing the settings. 

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