AWS Integration: Using a custom Mail From domain

You can improve your email deliverability and mask the fact you use AWS SES by using a custom Mail From domain.

Configuring this must be done through the AWS console, and can't be done through the Groundhogg integration. This can only be done with verified domains and will not work with verified email addresses.

In the console, open the SES tool and view your list of verified identities.

Select the verified domain identity you wish to use the custom MAIL FROM domain.

If your domain is not yet verified, follow the steps to verify your domain identity.

Scroll to the bottom of the Authentication Tab (which should be open by default) and click Edit in the Custom MAIL FROM Domain panel.

Toggle Use a Custom MAIL FROM Domain. 

Then you will choose a subdomain that will be responsible for facilitating the sending of email in AWS. This can be anything. If you're feeling uninspired, use "mail" or "awsm". 

Then select Use Default Mail from and hit Save Changes.

You will then be taken back to the domain identity page. Click on Publish DNS Records to expose the DNS records you must add to your DNS zone.

Once the records have been added to your DNS zone, AWS will automatically verify the configuration and email will begin to appear as coming from your custom domain instead of AWS.

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