How To Schedule a Broadcast

Broadcasts are used to send out a single email to a large list of contacts all at once.

To schedule a broadcast follow these steps:

Option 1: Click on the Grounghogg icon at the top right of your screen. Click here for further instructions.

The Admin Bar Widget


Option 2: Navigate to Groundhogg > Broadcasts > Schedule Email Broadcast.

Once on that screen, you can start to configure your broadcast.

Select the email to send. [ Next -> ]

You can then select the time you want the broadcast to go out by selecting "Later" and picking a date and time. Or to send it right away by selecting "Now"

If you enable " Send in the contact's local time", the email will be sent at the given hour in their local time zone (if a time zone is recorded for that contact). This option has no effect if "Now" is selected.

When scheduling your broadcast you have two options. You can use a saved search or create a new one using Groundhogg's advanced search with multiple criteria by clicking on the filter "+" to include or exclude as many filters as you like. 

NOTE: Emails in DRAFT mode cannot be sent in a broadcast.

The final step is to review and click the [ Confirm and Schedule ] button.

When you hover over a broadcast, a menu will appear offering options such as Edit email, View Query, or Cancel. 

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