How To Schedule a Broadcast

Broadcasts are used to send out a single email to a large list of contacts all at once.

To schedule a broadcast follow these steps:

Option 1: Click on the Grounghogg icon at the top right of your screen. Click here for further instructions.

The Admin Bar Widget


Option 2: Navigate to Groundhogg > Broadcasts > Schedule Email Broadcast.

Once on that screen, you can start to configure your broadcast.

Select the email to send and which tags you want to be included (or excluded) in the broadcast.

You can also send your email to a saved search. Select an existing saved search from the dropdown menu

NOTE: Emails in DRAFT mode cannot be sent in a broadcast.

You can then select the time you want the broadcast to go out. You can choose to schedule the broadcast in the future or to send it right away by selecting  Send Now.

If you enable send in contact's local time, the email will be sent at the given hour in their local time zone (if a time zone is recorded for that contact). This option has no effect if Send Now is selected.

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