WP Simple Pay Integration (Stripe): Introduction

WP Simple Pay allows you to collect payment anywhere on your site using a form. And you have the option to have a benchmark that allows you to do what you want after the form and payment is done.

You will need the WP Simple Pay integration for Groundhogg, which you can purchase on it’s own or as part of the pro plan. You’ll also need the paid or free version of WP Simple Pay. Since the payment goes through Stripe you also need a Stripe account (you can check the Stripe website to see if your country has Stripe availability at this time).

Before you go about configuring WP Simple Pay, you need to make sure your website hosting fits the requirements for WP Simple Pay. Since those requirements are always changing we suggest you read the documentation on WP Simple Pay which will have the current requirements. If your current website host doesn’t fit the requirements we know some great ones who always fit the requirements.

After making sure everything is installed, you need to connect WP Simple Pay to your Stripe account, WP Simple Pay has a guide on how to do that on their website.

You then can create the form within WP Simple Pay, and you can choose how much it will cost and the methods of payment, and any fields the buyer needs to enter. Then you can add the form to any page on your website. All of this is covered in detail on the WP Simple Pay documents.

Where does Groundhogg fit into all of this? After the customer completes the form and pays, what do you want to happen next? You can have them as a contact, you can send them emails, you can offer them discounts on another product, or anything else that Groundhogg offers.

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