AWS Integration: How to answer questions when moving from SES Sandbox to production

AWS asks a few questions when requesting to be moved from Sandbox to Production mode for your SES account. Answering these questions wrong will result in a rejection from AWS. Here are some template answers to help you make a successful transfer.

Mail Type: Transactional

Always choose transactional. AWS is wary of marketing first users. When you use the Groundhogg AWS integration it is technically sending both marketing & transactional emails, so choosing transaction is still relevant.

Website Url

AWS will perform an automatic domain reputation check on the domain you enter here. They will check the IP health of the site, where it was registered, how old it is etc. This will provide them with a risk factor for whether you are likely to damage their service.

For the best results do the following.

  • Host your website on Western-based hosting companies that manage their IP reputations.
    • SiteGround
    • WPEngine
    • Kinsta
    • Closte
    • Pagely
  • Choose a relatively safe TLDs for the domain you plan on sending from. (Note, you can change this later without AWS checking). Avoid spammy TLDs at all costs.
    • .com
    • .net
    • .org
    • .ca
    • .io
    • etc...
  • You can register a new domain name purely for managing your AWS account and getting past the production mode.

Be aware that once in Production mode you are not "out of the woods" yet. AWS will constantly monitor your bounce and complaint rate. If it gets too high they will suspend your account.

Use case description

For the use case, keep it short and sweet. 1-2 sentences maximum. Be clear on intended usage. Here is an example: "Sending followup emails and website notifications to users who subscribe to our website."

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