Easy Digital Downloads Integration: Introduction

Easy Digital Downloads (EDD) is a Top Tier eCommerce solution for companies exclusively selling digital products (Audio Files, PDFs, WordPress Plugins, Apps) and Groundhogg provides direct integration with the Easy Digital Downloads.

You can download this add-on from the Groundhogg website or as part of a plan and install it on your website. 

Once you have successfully integrated Groundhogg Easy Digital Download you will be able to see new benchmarks, shortcodes, and emails in Groundhogg.

You can access newly added emails and replacement codes in Groundhogg’s email section and benchmarks in the Groundhogg funnel section.


Groundhogg's Easy Digital Download plugin provides six benchmarks using which users can do automation and create engaging funnels.

The Download PurchasedPayment Refunded, and Reached Checkout benchmarks are deprecated. However, if you have used them in the past they will be available to you. 

Cart Updated: This benchmark will execute when the cart updates and contains any/all downloads, any/all download categories, or any/all downloads tagged. 

Remove From Cart: This benchmark will execute when the cart contains any/all download categories or any/all downloads tagged items are removed

Cart Abandoned: This benchmark will execute on any cart action (Add/Remove/Checkout/Etc) and has a 15-minute timer delay.

Emptied Cart: This benchmark will be executed when the user removes all the downloads from the cart.

New Order: This benchmark will execute when a download is any/all downloads, any/all download categories, or any/all downloads tagged or processed via a payment gateway added to the cart. 

Order Status Changed: This benchmark will execute when a download order status any/all downloads, any/all download categories, or any/all downloads tagged or processed via a payment gateway has changed. 

Payment Refunded(Legacy): This benchmark will be executed when admin refund payment to the user.

Reached Checkout(Legacy): This benchmark will be executed when the user is reached to the checkout page.

Using these benchmarks you can create some awesome funnels and some of the examples are added here.

Abandon Cart Funnel

Refund Followup Emails

Replacement Codes

Easy Digital Downloads has 10 different replacement codes that can be used to add data to emails and funnels.

Tag Management

You can apply tags to the contact using benchmarks and action but Groundhogg's EDD plugin provides functionality to tag contact when download get purchased. You can set the tags to apply when downloads get purchased in the EDD page Groundhogg Integration area. 


Groundhogg added an attractive reporting dashboard in version 2.2 and Groundhogg's EDD plugin makes use of it.

On the Reports dashboard page you will be able to see the EDD tab which includes some of the interesting reports like best selling emails, Best broadcast and email list based on the revenue. You can use these reports to make informed decisions and improve your sales overall. 

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