Twilio Integration: Introduction

Twilio makes it possible to leverage SMS and WhatsApp as channels to communicate with your customers!

Twilio offers some unique features above other SMS integrations, for example, limited 2-way communication and a WhatsApp integration.

Getting started with Twilio

Before we get started, here are some prerequisites.

  • You must have the Groundhogg - SMS addon
  • You must have the Groundhogg - Twilio integration

Signing up for a Twilio Account is super easy! Create a new Twilio account for free!

After you've created your account, copy your Account SIDAuth Token, and Twilio Phone Number to the relevant fields in the Groundhogg Twilio Settings.

The Twilio settings are located under the SMS settings. After you've added your settings, select Twilio for the relevant SMS services in Groundhogg.

Twilio & WhatsApp

Our Twilio integration offers the unique ability to send and receive messages via WhatsApp. To implement the WhatsApp integration read this guide.

Receiving messages & replies with Twilio

Twilio facilitates receiving replies from SMS and WhatsApp, to learn how it works read this guide.

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