Advanced Features: How to use Superlinks

Superlinks are a helpful tool for filling in automation gaps based on subscriber interaction with your content.

Essentially, they allow you to add tags, remove tags or update meta fields to a contact record when that contact clicks a specific link!

A use case for Superlinks

Let's say you send out a broadcast email with a call to action (CTA). You want to tag everyone who clicked the CTA link with the tag "Clicked CTA," you would use a Superlink to tag the contact and then redirect them to the intended destination of your CTA. 

Create a Superlink

To create a superlink go to Groundhogg > Superlinks and click the [ Add New ] button at the top. A pop-up will appear.

Give your Superlink a name and click the [ Create link ] button.

Select which options you would like applied. You can add tags, remove tags or update meta data to the contact when they click the link.
*This needs to be an existing tag.

Edit a Superlink

If you want to change the target URL or the options with a Superlink search it by name and click on it in the table on the right.

You can then edit any Superlink settings.

Embed a Superlink

You can use Superlinks anywhere on your site!

  • Broadcast emails
  • Funnel emails
  • Pages
  • Posts
  • Lessons


All you have to do is copy the Source URL or the Replacement Code and use them appropriately.

You can copy the Source URL and use it as a regular link in place of the actual Target URL.

You can also use the replacement code anywhere replacements are accepted. 

Testing a Superlink

To test functionality always test in incognito mode and test by actually sending the email containing the Superlink from the Contact record or by adding the Contact to the funnel. Do not use the "Send a test email" from within the Email Editor it does not generate the information necessary for tracking links.

Note: the replacement code will simply embed the Source URL. There is no functional difference.

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