Advanced Features: How to add custom HTML email templates from third party platforms

If you are using a third-party platform to design your emails, you can use the Import HTML Template feature to send the email with Groundhogg.

When adding a new email, click the Import HTML Template option and it will bring up a code editor and other generic email editor options.

Importing HTML templates requires having the Advanced Features extension installed and the Advanced Email Editor enabled.

Add the HTML code provided by your third-party service into the code editor.

When saving and sending third-party emails with Groundhogg please keep the following in mind:

  • Make sure you are only using templates provided by services you trust.
  • No formatting is altered by Groundhogg, so exactly what you enter is what is sent out, even if the HTML is broken.
  • You are responsible for adding compliance information to the email.
    • Your physical business location,
    • Your phone number,
    • Links to your terms of service and privacy policy,
    • The unsubscribe URL. (You can merge the {unsubscribe_url} replacement code)
  • Replacements and shortcodes will still be rendered normally.
  • Links will still be converted to tracking links as expected.
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