How To Confirm An Email Address

Email confirmation is required under GDPR and CASL. The email confirmation does 2 things, it verifies the identity of the contact and confirms they are consenting to receive marketing information to their inbox.

There are 3 methods of confirming a contact's email address.

Email Confirmation Link

This is the recommended method for confirming a contact's email address since the contact is providing consent.

 This method requires you to send a confirmation link in an email using the {confirmation_link} replacement code.

Simply insert the code into the body of any email.

Manual Confirmation

You can manually confirm an email address from the contact record. Under the contact details section, there is a dropdown for the option status, select confirmed and their status will be changed.

During Import

While importing contacts, for example from another service, you can specify that these contacts were previously confirmed.

For more on this read this guide.

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